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Canadian Armed Forces Collection

Some of the instruments from the Armed Forces Instrument Collection were brought into our workshop for restoration and a general check up. Included in the collection was a viola labeled Charles and Samuel Thompson, London, 1776. The condition of this instrument was so good, one of the musicians from the Army just assumed the viola […]

Milanese violin at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Music.

Today the Ottawa Citizen newspaper published an article on a violin made in Milan during the 18th Century by Carlo Fernando Landolfi. It was generously left to the University of Ottawa by the late Sally Benson (violinist with the NACO). The violin is now being used by the professor of violin, Yehonatan Berick, at the […]

Violin and viola repairs & restorations in Ottawa

For inquires regarding adjustments, repairs and restoration, please call 613 569 4803. With the start of the new academic year and concert season, it’s been a busy time in the workshop.  On the restoration front, we’ve had some interesting instruments come in for repair. Photographed below are some of the instruments we have now for […]

Violin- 18th Century Milan

  This interesting smaller size violin was brought to the shop for cleaning and a check over. It was made in Milan in about 1740 and is perhaps the work of Paolo Antonio Testore.   Often on a violin of this age we find minor cracks.  These can be glued from the outside without removing the top. In […]

Cello repair –

The cello side shown below is from an 18th Century German cello made in Mittenwald by a member of the Klotz family. The ribs over the years had been cracked in various places and had some wood worm damage as well. It was brought into the workshop for restoration. We used a variety of techniques to reinforce […]

Landolfi (Milan 18th C.) violin repair

Below is a violin by Carlo Fernando Landolfi from 18th Century Milan. It was brought into the shop for restoration. c c c c c The peg box had been fitted with plastic peg bushings by another violin shop. Traditionally when the peg holes are badly worn, the holes are filled with wood and fresh […]

The Leading Note Foundation

A great music program started recently in Ottawa has been the Leading Note Foundation The program gives children from low-income communities the opportunity to learn and make music together. Lessons are provided by volunteers. Instruments have been donated by the public and violin shops. We donated a student cello and violin. Many of the donated […]

New neck graft

While making a copy of Yehudi Menuhin’s Guarneri Del Gesu violin, my assistant and I have also been making a cello. It’s inspired by the ‘Castlebarco’ 1699 Stradivari cello at the Library of Congress and the ‘Servais’ 1701 Stradivari cello at the Smithsonian. Both are in Washington D.C., which I visited a few years ago. […]

Soundpost patch – Italian violin by A. Gavatelli

The owner of this violin had been trying to shine up her violin with a cleaning solution, which are sold in small bottles by many violin shops in Canada. Overtime the rosin and sticky residue left by the cleaner had built up a thick dirty layer over the front of her violin. I don’t recommend […]

Restoration of a violin by Claude A. Miremont, Paris 1856.

This fine French violin made in 1856 by Claude A. Miremont came into the shop a while ago after a terrible accident. I show this as a warning to players who rest their fiddles on chairs! As you can see the back and ribs were badly broken and to a lesser extent the front was […]


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