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Our violin making workshop depends on many other businesses for materials and tools from around the world. In September I was in Italy and Germany selecting wood for future instruments. As well for example, I order violin parts from England or violin cases from the US or France.

I also rely on local businesses no further than 3 km from my workshop. I thought it might be nice to highlight some of these local people and businesses that have been very helpful to our workshop.

General Grinding & Machine Works at 22 Irving Ave, Ottawa, K1Y 1Z4          Tel: 613-729-3011

This metal working workshop has helped make tools for the workshop. Mostly with welding steel parts for tools.  They also have a complete machine shop with lathes, milling machines and more.

Machine Shop

Vince Electric at 335 Catherine St, Ottawa, K1R 5T4  Tel: 613-230-0853

Vince is a friendly guy and loves to help people. He has repaired some tools for us over the years including my bandsaw’s electric motor and our bending irons (for bending the sides of violins into shape). He’s also made some electric tools for us.  With a wide range of parts available he can either repair an electric item or make something from scratch. (he can help with small welding too)

Vince Electric

Buchanan Lighting  www.buchananlighting.ca

Buchanan Lighting supplies us with the UV lights to dry our varnish. We use an oil based varnish which requires light to dry and artificial light is more dependable than Canadian sunshine! The owner of Buchanan Lighting is very knowledgeable and passionate about the lights he sells.

Centrepoint Library – Imagespace

This particular library branch offers laser cutting and 3D printing. The cost of laser cutting is free. For 3D printing the cost is only for the amount of plastic material used.  I’ve just started to use their laser cutting machine to make some workshop templates.  I think it has great potential as a useful service for many amateur and professional craftspeople in Ottawa.  This library space is 10km from my workshop.

Laser cutting

I should mention that Lee Valley Tools is also a local Ottawa company. Both my assistant and I use tools from their ‘Vertias’ line of fine woodworking tools.

Finally our workshop relies on our local hardware store just down the street  – Preston Hardware. As well as a our neighbourhood cafe –  Pressed Cafe !




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