Exhibition in Toronto – follow up

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The January exhibition of Canadian violin and bow makers in Toronto was a great success. With over 35 violin and bow makers from around Canada attending and showing their work. Some of the makers had never shown their instruments and bows in Toronto before. So it was a new opportunity for Toronto musicians to try a wider range of fine instruments made in Canada.

From the beginning of the day it was well attended by professional string players and students.  In the afternoon the fine violinist Kerson Leong performed a short passage on 24 new violins. He did a wonderful job adjusting to each violin quickly. It was interesting to hear the different sound qualities each instrument was capable of in the larger space. Overall I felt there was a high standard of sound and worksmanhip among my colleagues work. It was special to be part of this exhibition.

Throughout the day I enjoyed hearing players try my violin and latest cello. After hearing them play, we often talked about what kind of instrument they were looking for and their thoughts on the instruments they had been trying.   After the exhibition my Stradivari model cello was sold to a wonderful student of  David Hetherington from the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.  Below is my cello being played at the exhibition.


Thank you to the organizers, Elizabeth Barbosa, Fany Fresard and Emanuel Euvrard, for their work with this exhibition and ‘Le Forum des Fabricants’.




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