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Cello Endpins

Over the past 25 years I have tried a number of different endpin and endpin spikes while making cellos.  Mostly carbon fibre and steel spikes. We also see clients using a range of different endpins on their cellos. Most of these are made in Germany, Japan and the US. In the workshop we have a range […]

Violin/Cello Making Competition – USA

Every two years, the Violin Society of America holds an international violin making competition. 205 Violins, 109 violas, 67 cellos, 9 basses and 68 bows were entered from around the world to compete in Cleveland, Ohio in November. On Thursday evening, I was awarded silver medal for workmanship for my latest cello.  It was a […]

Cello Flight Case Rental

We have a ‘Bam‘ Cello Flight Case now available for rent.  We’ve successfully used this case to fly with cellos in North America.  It increases protection for the cello during flights when the cello is placed with the hand loaded cargo. We thought cellists traveling to summer festivals, courses and concerts might find it useful […]

N. Vuillaume Cello – Ottawa NACO

Last week I was invited to the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa to an event welcoming a new cello to the ‘Zukerman Musical Instrument Foundation’. The foundation works to acquire instruments for strings players of the NAC orchestra. The atmosphere in the rehearsal room was upbeat as Harold and Merle Jones of Ottawa, who […]

Summer in the workshop

For the next two weeks my assistant, Charline Dequincey, is taking a well earned vacation. We still have restoration  work waiting to be done.  For a few years I’ve had an old French cello in storage needing repair.  I wanted it playable to present to clients looking for a good cello. So it was fortunate […]

Stradivari Cello – Smithsonian

This week I flew to Washington to visit the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.   Both museums have great collections of string instruments and in  particular I went to see the Stradivari ‘Servais’ cello from 1701. I already had some information on the ‘Servais’.  The purpose of this trip was to gather more information, measurements, […]

Cellos in Ottawa

On my centre bench is a new cello with a poplar back that’s almost complete. I am now giving the varnish a final polish and setting up the instrument. In the foreground is the beginning of another cello. The back, sides and neck will be made from maple. In the photo the two centre ribs […]

New Cello – in our Ottawa workshop.

Pictured on the bench is the Stradivari model cello my assistant and I are making. Inside the sides have been reinforced with cloth. Stradivari reinforced the sides of his cellos with linen cloth. The sides on our cello are made from poplar which Stradivari also used. It’s a softer wood than maple and is sensible […]


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    1997 Silver medal for viola in the Mittenwald International Violin Making Competition, Germany.

    2010 Bronze medal for violin in the Mittenwald International Violin Making Competition, Germany.

    2014 Workmanship award for violin in the Mittenwald International Violin Making Competition, Germany.

    2016 Silver Workmanship medal for cello in the VSA Violin Making Competition, USA.

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