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New 16″ viola

This month I started making a new viola for a member of the National Art Centre Orchestra.  We talked together about what kind of viola he was looking for and agreed on a comfortable 16″ size, based on the violas by Andrea Guarneri from the late 17th Century. The original design is slightly larger at […]

‘Dushkin’ 1742 Guarneri copy.

This year is Pinchas Zukerman’s last season as music director with the National Arts Centre Orchestra (NACO). Over the past few years, my assistant and I have restored a number of the instruments in the Zukerman Instrument Collection at the NACO.  While dealing with this collection of string instruments, Pinchas Zukerman played a Stradivari copy […]

Violin thickness maps

Sometime ago we were fortunate to have a beautiful Guarneri Del Gesu violin in the shop. We photographed and took measurements of it to keep on file. As I make instruments in the workshop I often refer to photographs and other information for inspiration or to copy. I also keep records of my own violins as […]

‘Ole Bull’ Guarneri copy

In September I finished the violin pictured below for a member of Canada’s National Art Centre Orchestra. It was based on the Guarneri violin, made in 1744 in Cremona and played by Norwegein violinist Ole Bull. The wood for the back of this violin was made from an old piece of maple that I was […]

Guarneri Del Gesu copies.

Two of my customers were very kind and brought their ‘Harrison’ violins to my shop for me to play and compare. They were based on the same violin- the Guarneri Del Gesu, 1742, ‘Lord Wilton’ , once owned by Yehudi Menuhin.  One of the violins was completed in 2010 and the other was finished just […]

Violin making article on

> . . My good colleague Kim Tipper in British Columbia and I were interviewed for this article on violin making. The writer nicely outlines some of the issues of making a fine violin today and comparing contemporary violins with older instruments. Though there are a few errors, for example. “ reports that da Salo […]

Different contruction methods.

In the workshop, I’ve been busy varnishing a Stradivari model cello and another Guarneri violin on order.  My assistant in the next room is making a copy of a viola made by G.P. Maggini in Brescia from the early 1600’s. The work of Stradivari and Guarneri vary in many ways but the construction methods used […]

Violin and viola repairs & restorations in Ottawa

For inquires regarding adjustments, repairs and restoration, please call 613 569 4803. With the start of the new academic year and concert season, it’s been a busy time in the workshop.  On the restoration front, we’ve had some interesting instruments come in for repair. Photographed below are some of the instruments we have now for […]


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    2010 Bronze medal for violin in the Mittenwald International Violin Making Competition, Germany.

    2014 Workmanship award for violin in the Mittenwald International Violin Making Competition, Germany.

    2016 Silver Workmanship medal for cello in the VSA Violin Making Competition, USA.

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