Landolfi (Milan 18th C.) violin repair

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Below is a violin by Carlo Fernando Landolfi from 18th Century Milan. It was brought into the shop for restoration.







The peg box had been fitted with plastic peg bushings by another violin shop. Traditionally when the peg holes are badly worn, the holes are filled with wood and fresh holes are redrilled. In this case the plastic peg bushing has caused the neck graft and old repairs to come apart. I suspect there was a conflict between the wooden scroll expanding and shrinking with the seasons and the rigid plastic.


An old repair on the side of the peg box had come loose. After discussing with the owner, we decided to redo the old repair to give much needed strength to the pegbox.





The old repair was removed and new wood was fitted in. When fitting the new piece of maple, I avoided removing any more original wood other than what was necessary .




landolfi3-233x3003 After varnish retouching was complete, new peg holes were reamed for the pegs. The scroll may need a new neck graft, but for the time being it seems stable. The violin is now in use everyday.

Years ago I had photographed this violin before the plastic bushings were done by the violin dealer. It was very useful for the owner and I to be able to compare what had actually broken loose over that time.

Note: This Landolfi violin is now part of the University of Ottawa Instrument Collection.  Visit: here for more information.



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  1. N. Teevin
    August 6th, 2011 @ 2:21 pm

    My father has had a violin in his possession for about 50 years. He had it looked at by D’Attilli in New Jersey and he said it could be a Landolfi. Are there many Landolfi violons around? My father is in Montreal and we will have two luthiers look at it. My father had it in his case for all this time, sometimes playing a bit on it, but now, he said he would like to sell it. It needs repairs too. Are you interested in repairing this vioin? Thank you for your time, Nathalie Teevin

  2. Milanese violin at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Music. : Guy Harrison - Violin Maker Blog
    September 26th, 2013 @ 12:54 pm

    […] In 2009…… old repairs on the sides of the scroll had begun to come apart. I replaced the previous inlay repair work with new wood. (for details on the repair click here) […]

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