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Customer Recommendations

Ramsey Husser

Second Assistant Concertmaster with the Orchestra Symphonique de Montréal

“My 2016 Harrison violin reinvigorated my enthusiasm to practice and my love of the instrument. Previously, I played on a Guadagnini. I no longer use it because I prefer my Harrison.

Guy’s expert craftsmanship created a gorgeous work of art. His attention to detail is evident in the aesthetic beauty, the perfect technical set up, and the robust and rich tone the violin possesses.

When I struggle with something while practicing, I often resolve the problem by asking myself, "what am I doing that is preventing my violin from speaking properly?". Guy's instrument shows me the way. It teaches me to be a better player.

A blossoming student or an established professional alike will be immensely pleased with a Harrison violin.”

David Goldblatt

Assistant principal viola with the National Art Centre Orchestra

“Guy custom made my viola to fit my needs and specifications, from the body size, string length, and even the colour. The viola does everything I ask of it whether it be solo, chamber music, or orchestral work.

It is an extremely stable instrument requiring little adjustment over the five years I've owned it. Guy is always available for anything I need with regard to my instrument. It is quite simply the best viola I've ever owned.”

Wolf Tormann

Principal cellist of the Kingston Symphony Orchestra & cello instructor at Queen’s University

“Guy Harrison built a cello for me that I received in November 2018. The instrument turned out to be absolutely amazing and has superseded all my expectations. The tone is warm and rich, the sound has opened up wonderfully and the instrument projects powerfully and clearly even in large venues.

The cello is visually stunning and has been crafted brilliantly and with great care.

Commissioning a cello from Guy Harrison has been the best decision I have ever made.”

Brenna Hardy-Kavanagh

Member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra & the Toronto-based Integral Ensemble

"I have been playing my Guy Harrison violin since 2003. The instrument continues to impress, opening up and deepening in tone every year. The violin responds beautifully, blending with ease in orchestral and chamber settings alike. It also projects beautifully as a solo instrument, offering vast tonal range and versatility. (And yes, it sounds great in a rock band!)

Guy always provides impeccable adjustments (as well as fantastic chin rest recommendations). It has been a joy to work with him over the past 18 years and I cannot recommend his instruments and workmanship highly enough."