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How to Purchase



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How to Purchase

The making of instruments always has been connected to the desires and needs of musicians, composers and ultimately the audience. This is still true today. In fact, we live in a time where many great string instruments are being made around the world.

Sometimes I will have an instrument available now or you may choose to commission a Harrison instrument. Often I replicate an inspiring instrument, such as Pinchas Zukerman’s 'Dushkin' Guarneri Del Gesu or perhaps you have a particular instrument in mind.

My workshop maintains an archive of instrument casts, photographs, notes and measurements of superb classic instruments. This information is vital to do successful interpretations of antique instruments.

I have had opportunities to see and play many of the world's finest string instruments and have traveled to the US, Europe and Asia to study them. Fortunately, some wonderful Cremonese instruments have also come through my shop for adjustment or repair. This connection with fine musicians and their instruments is an important part of making excellent new instruments.

If you wish you try an instrument when one is available, please leave your email and a message below regarding what you are looking for.

Commissioning an instrument

Commissioning an instrument gives your request priority in the workshop. Please contact me and I can go over the steps to commission an instrument.

When a musician commissions an instrument, I discuss model, tone, playability, comfort and overall look. By listening to your requests and ideas, it focuses the making of an instrument to suit you.

Often it is also valuable for musicians to try one of my previous instruments. This ensures we’re both on the same page and have a clear aim in mind. I can assist in arranging for you to try one of my previous instruments if you haven’t already done so.

A deposit of 15% secures the order. I accept most common forms of payment - credit card, cheque, E-transfer and debit card.

Once the instrument is complete, adjustments can be done to optimize the sound. This may include the choice of strings, bridge and soundpost adjustments, among other possible changes.

You are welcome to take the instrument for a trial before making the final payment.

After you decide to purchase an instrument, the relationship does not end there. For the first year I give adjustments at no cost. This ensures the instrument is performing at its best. As the years continue, I always give customers with Harrison instruments continuing great service.