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Toronto Exhibition

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Buying and selling, Violin making

Toronto Violin and Bow Maker Exhibition
September 18th,  Koerner Hall

On Sunday, September 18th, I’ll be in Toronto for the luthier exhibition organized by the Canadian Association of Violin and Bow Makers (CAVBM). With instruments and bows from over 30 makers from across Canada it’s wonderful opportunity for Toronto string players.

I’ll be bringing my latest Stradivari violin copy plus another violin and one cello.

The exhibition opens at 10 a.m. at Leslie & Anna Dan Galleria, Koerner Hall, Toronto. Musicians are welcome to try violins, violas, cellos and their bows. Many of them will be available for a longer period through Violin Dealers Geo. Heinl & Co. Limited, after the exhibition.

There will be free concerts during the event, featuring the Odin Quartet, Toronto Symphony Orchestra violist Theresa Rudolph, and violin soloist Kerson Leong.  Details on the poster below:

The sponsors of the exhibition- Thank you!