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Cello Flight Case Rental

by | May 15, 2014 | Buying and selling

We have a ‘Bam‘ Cello Flight Case now available for rent.  We’ve successfully used this case to fly with cellos in North America.  It increases protection for the cello during flights when the cello is placed with the hand loaded cargo. We thought local cellists traveling to summer festivals, courses and concerts might find it useful just rent a good flight case for a short time when they need it.

bam-caseThe flight case is in two parts. The standard case is placed inside the thick protective outer shell while traveling.  Once a cellist arrives at their destination, they can use the light weight standard case to get around and leave the outer case at their hotel or residence.

The rental fee is $60 per week, plus a refundable deposit, for both the outer case and standard cello case.

Cellists interested to rent a flight case can contact us at 613 569 4803.