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by | Jul 3, 2021 | Buying and selling

The Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada (RCM) has just released their new edition of the “Violin Series: an anthology of repertoire, études, technique, and orchestral excerpts.”  Available here:
The violins featured on the new covers are all made by Canadian violin makers – Charles Arsenault, Ángel Álvarez, Itzel Ávila, Denis Cormier, Charline Dequincey, Fabienne Gauchet, Guy Harrison, Mark Schnurr, and Greg Walke.
My work is featured on the cover of three books from the series:   Violin Repertoire – 2  , Violin Technique, Etudes & Musicianship – 3-4,  and the book below Violin Orchestral Experpts – 7-8.
Thank you to the RCM for highlighting the craftsmanship and beauty of the fine work of Canadian luthiers !